Blood moon december 16 astrology

The night of Jan. On that night, we'll get a glimpse of the first full moon of the year, and it's going to be a special one: it's also a total lunar eclipse , making it a Super Blood Moon meaning, the moon will appear to have a red tint due to the shadowing caused by the lunar eclipse.

Full Moon for December 12222

If the sky is clear, this exciting lunar event will be visible to everyone in the Northern, Central, and Southern Hemispheres, and it's not something you want to miss out on. But whether you get a glimpse of this moon or not, one thing is for sure: it's going to have some sort of effect on you, and it's better if you know exactly what that is.

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The moon will affect some more than others, and there are some zodiac signs the January full moon will affect the least. The January full moon will look bigger and brighter than usual before it disappears from sight during the eclipse, which means that it will be more intense than your typical full moon.

Sun enters Scorpio

A lunar eclipse has a stronger effect on us and can influence our emotions and intentions. You'll likely find yourself feeling more intuitive than usual, as you'll be more in touch with your needs and desires. You may deal with more mood swings than you're used to, and you could even make some seriously impulsive decisions.

Full Moon 2018

These are more general effects of the full moon, but of course, it will be a slightly different experience for everyone, based on your zodiac sign. By fusing your ego with your sensitivities, the solar eclipse helps you realize that your future choices are all about advocating for your self-worth. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse on July 16th helps you understand the long-term implications of these critical changes.

As the Moon emits this unusual umber tone, it enables you to shift your perspective and process your circumstances through a different lens.

New Moon December 18th, 2017 - True Sidereal Astrology

These eclipses are occurring in Cancer and Capricorn. So, if you have a planet or celestial point in Cancer or Capricorn, it will be directly impacted by these eclipses. However, because all birth charts are degrees and contain all the zodiac signs, everyone will—to varying degrees—be influenced by these eclipses. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series actually started last year, so to find out exactly how these upcoming eclipses will impact you, think back to the earlier occurrences on July 12th, , and January 5th, What was going on in your life?

Who was involved?

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Were you experiencing any changes? Brace yourself for some serious drama, because eclipses are no joke! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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