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I love that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in ideal position to the Sun and full moon, ensuring this weekend will be an exceptionally happy experience. Any work with the media glows, in publishing or broadcasting, as a journalist or as the subject of a story that would bring you superb publicity.

If you are in college, you may be finishing up an important paper or preparing to defend your thesis—either way, you should do well. The October 13 full moon, influential from October 11 to October 14, will give you a chance to spin your compass and take off in any distant direction you choose. This full moon does have one drawback, and it comes in terms of Pluto and Saturn, both in hard angle to the Sun and full moon. Pluto will be in difficult angle to the Sun, and Saturn will be close to Pluto while putting pressure on the Sun and full moon.

There is no way to fight Pluto and Saturn, for that would be like fighting city hall. You will have to get the work done. Further, with Saturn close, management will look at the work you hand in near October 13 with a giant magnifying glass.

Leo Horoscope for October - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

You will be expected to hand in flawless work. Take time to double-check everything, or you will have further delays with do-overs. You seem to be paid well for the project you do this month, so you do want the work to be accurate and polished. Keep in mind that Jupiter, the planet of gifts and luck, will be in the most harmonious position possible at this full moon, along with the Sun, and that will be of enormous help to you. You can measure up to client demands, so keep your hands on your steering wheel and eyes fixed on the road ahead.

If your birthday falls within four days of August , or if you have Leo rising, at 20 degrees, plus or minus four degrees, you will receive a double-dip of pleasure at this full moon, but all Leos will have something that makes them cheer. I love that Mercury, the planet of communication, will be beautifully oriented to both Saturn and Neptune at the same time, near the October 13 full moon, indicating you can easily please older, more experienced authority figures, and also present creative ideas that you have a good chance of being accepted.

If you can manage an extension for your deadline that allows you until October not likely , Mercury will be friendly to Pluto, so again, you have help from Mercury. Mercury will begin to retrograde on October 31 until November 20, so it would be good to have everything done early in the month. During these phases, machines with moving parts begin to show wear and tear, break down, and necessitate a trip to the repair shop.

Mercury retrograde is never a wise time to buy new electronic products either, and that includes a car or kitchen appliances. Mercury retrograde makes us forgetful, distracted, and prone to rush.

Your daily horoscope: October 27

We make bad judgments, and here is why. During these Mercury retrograde periods, the world is in flux, and qualifications that you previously used to make decisions no longer hold for future decisions. This is the main reason making binding commitments during Mercury retrograde so rarely works out well.

You might have to move to take advantage of career opportunities at a distance, or your spouse or live-in lover may have an opportunity to work elsewhere, and you will decide to relocate together. There is another element in all this: Pluto will go direct this month on October , and Pluto is the natural ruler of your house of home and family. If you have been trying to buy, sell, or rent property or fix up your current space, but have not been able to find the right location, watch the days surrounding October for a breakthrough. Very often, when a big outer planet like Pluto goes direct, in the days surrounding the changeover, the planet leaves clues of what is to come—stay alert.

Now we come to a potentially difficult new moon, on October 27, in Scorpio, at four degrees. This full moon will focus you on your home and family, too. As is true with all new moons, the Sun and new moon arrive together, arm in arm at this time. The problem is, across the sky, Uranus will be in a tug-of-war position, at the same opposite degree of five-degrees Taurus, to directly oppose the Sun and new moon, causing unexpected shock waves.

Taurus and Scorpio are found degrees apart on the horoscope wheel, or said another way, six months away from each other. I am not sure if your physical residence will be the focus, but if it is, you will hear unexpected news. Your landlord might have sold the building, for example, and you could have to move soon.

If you work with a contractor, workmen might find something in the walls needs to be urgently fixed before they can continue with your project.

LEO Tarot - Now they wanna spoil you - LOVE READING - MID October 2019

In addition to this, you need to have personal hygiene as it is next to good health. Your personality is connected exclusively with fire as an element. It is the case that you have a cardinal connection with your element. As a result of this, you have almost all the characteristics of the fire. In addition to this, your element signifies your high spirit and firmness.

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You are also a vigorous and inquisitive person as a result of your element which happens to be the fire. In addition to this, you are going to be highly creative as a result of the influence you got from the sun. The sun happens to be the ruler of your sign and the first decan of your symbol. Also, you are going to be ruled by Mars which would make you a determined and highly passionate person. The symbolic metal of an individual that is born on the 27th day of July is Gold.

It is the case that gold signifies your majesty, strong will, and refinery. You will be most likely going to be enthusiastic and romantic, so Orange which happens to be your lucky color. Moreover, you are most likely going to be confident and attractive as a result of your characteristic flower which happens to be the sunflower.

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The ruler of this day is the fifth house. Being your best is the best thing you can do as an individual. Success will always be yours if you can do these. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Username or Email Address. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

Search Search for: Search. Astrology Blog. What do you think? Comments Our site Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. With that being said, make sure to get your ducks in a row because the stars are aligning in your favor. Create the life you've always wanted, but never thought you deserved. Nurture your dreams, but be mindful of your well-being. You're submitting to your passions more than ever these days, Cancer.

It's about time, too, isn't it? However, despite your innate workaholism and selfless ways, you'll also be incredibly focused on your long-term goals this month. Although, this energy could very well express itself via your home sector, which means there could be some emotional friction between your parents or authority figures in general. With that being said, this is a good time to partake in activities that help you tap into your inner child. There are opportunities for passion and romance, too. Don't hold back from doing something you love.

Don't forget to look within, Leo. You will likely gain deep clarity in regard to your belief system and general philosophies. Trust me, I know how much you've been sacrificing — in terms of work and your due diligence — but this is all testing your will and endurance, despite your ego's innate desire to succeed. Themes related to your inner world, home life, and family will be top of mind this month, too. Be more mindful of your health. Don't overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion; balance is key. Take care of yourself so you can take care of business.

You might not be exactly where you want to be, but you're a lot closer to it than when you started, Virgo. Who knows, there might actually be something you need to let go of before you can really start living your best life.

With that said, this is an excellent time to take action toward things that are of practical value. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, and this is especially true throughout the month of October. Have you considered the thought of monetizing your work?

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Your POV shouldn't be taken for granted. This is definitely something you should reflect on during Mercury retrograde. You're celebrating another blessed trip around the sun this season, and you're feeling as assertive as ever, too. This will feel like a breath of fresh air compared to the last few months, and you definitely deserve it, Libra.

Truth is, despite the challenges you've had no choice but to endure — both internally and in regard to your home foundation — this is a time for self-sufficiency. How can you make the most of your financial situation? It's never too late to work on your budget. Besides, it's safe to say, you've learned a thing or two about "giving and taking" within your relationships. Not sure what I'm referring to? This month's full moon will speak for itself, so pay attention. Another year, another birthday season, Scorpio.

The good news is your powerful planetary ruler Pluto stations direct this month, which means all things related to your conversations, contracts, and daily tasks will start moving along rather quickly. As you can see, the clock does not stop ticking and yet, you're still struggling with your due diligence.