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The realization of the mercury principle, the relationship between the wholes of different levels of hierarchy, requires the establishment of contacts between them.

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And this requires exactly those properties, a symbol which traditionally is rational thinking, the ability to create mental concepts, gather information, formulate thoughts, to separate the important from the unimportant, the desire and ability to understand the interlocutor, activity, and mediation skills. These qualities are realized in different ways in specific tasks — in science and business, in journalism and biology, in interaction between people, but no matter how they are realized, they are always aimed at establishing contacts and exchanging information or material values, at forming the efforts of different entities to solve such problems.

The role of the principle of the mercury causes it to be the one to lead the search for an adequate way of expressing creative start sun gathers many diverse and equally significant facts, totally detached from their evaluation and synthesis, with a view to their subsequent integration someone in any system that seeks to share and make it public domain.

However, we should not forget that the mediator in this case is, as well as the definition of the principles, functions and roles of the other planets, a symbol of the role of mercury. Harmonious compounds enhance the activity of thought, give intellectual abilities liveliness and originality, give a brilliant wit and a great sense of humor. He clearly knows what he wants from life and how to achieve it. In school and student years there is a sincere interest in learning, which creates the preconditions for future achievements. The ability to clothe thoughts in beautiful words can be transformed into a bright literary talent.

Successful self-realization is also possible in other creative spheres. Among the representatives of the harmonious mercury there are many diplomats and scientists.

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The good aspects represent sound judgment. Man is endowed with the ability to easily make contact, he always has a lot of friends. Another pleasant moment — the success of the opposite sex. But excessive attention to this side of life can seriously interfere with a career.

The main danger is laziness. Succumbing to it, a gifted and extraordinary person can turn into a frivolous hedonist. They define the range of tasks that need to be addressed. It can be difficulties in communication, study or disharmonious style of speech.

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The main obstacle to happiness and success is a distorted perception of reality. Gives a lot of trouble and a penchant for sarcastic remarks. The evil language is an offense households, the alienation of friends, the hostility of his superiors and colleagues. See own shortcomings man often prevents a sense of superiority over other, and also skepticism. Often he uses his potential only for selfish purposes. But the stressful aspects mean more than problems.

They point the way to overcome them. If necessary, you need to improve your speech. So you have to make an effort and admit that the story is not so good. And still-to raise the educational level, to read more books, to improve writing skills. In General, to overcome negative influences, it is necessary to leave in the past the usual life matrix and learn to listen to other people, to respect their point of view.

This is gonna be more general since there are so many muses and this post would be WAY too long otherwise. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. After a childhood that left them with a certain wound, people born on this date have the ability to use their experience for the fastest growth and to build a professional world that is to be admired and respected.

When their digits combine, we reach the point of freedom from pressure and obligations, the one thing they strive for in this lifetime. Solid foundation will lead towards liberation, and make it possible for them to cleanse their hearts and feel joyous and in love with the world. These two symbols revolve around plants, and it is the famous location or purpose that makes them special in their natural glow.

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There is something that individuals born on this date feel the need to show, to share, as a statement to the world and the tradition they are to build inside it. This is a story of the impact of Nature on all things and our ability to incorporate it in our everyday routine and activities instead of waiting for special moments in time. There is a dose of superstition behind these symbols too, one that needs to be contained so that true faith in their heart can be found.

The purpose in lives of those born on May 24th is to find love and relax their chest, balancing their heart chakra and finding peace and harmony in touch with other people. They are to feel gratitude, open up for the world of emotions, and embrace every feeling that comes their way instead of overly rationalizing everything.

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Their goal hides in the emotional world, the home they wish to create, and the intimacy they are able to build with another human being. Laws of attraction are their best friend and once they learn this and build positive beliefs into the way they perceive reality, they will see satisfying things coming their way.

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Emotional world of people born on May 24th can be problematic, especially if they employ their rational mind too often, forgetting how deep they can feel things in life. Their goals are predetermined in a way, and they are to find the direction that suits their hearts best, so they can build the endurance they need to stay in a committed bond. Their relationships are intimate, close, but at the same time disturbing, pressuring, and messing with their need for freedom.

If not, they can be distant and cold for many years, waiting for someone in the outer world to come and break down the walls they built themselves.

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A lot of circumstantial obstacles might get in their way, and they will need seriousness and depth recognized in their partner so they can be overcome. The ongoing daily guidance of a Vedic astrologer can be indispensable. Vreau un test de compatibilitate cu zodiacul - Care este compatibilitatea iubirii cu prietenul meu?

Care este a mea? Recenzii Politica privind recenziile.

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Initial release of Prarabdha Horoscope app. Horoscope for Thursday 9 March You know the strength of your mind. A friendship could play a significant role in what goes down. Your sense of humour emerges when dealing with a child or loved one. You might not want to share what your perceptions are right now. Cancer Jun 23 — Jul The other party needs to understand the ramifications of his or her idea.

Offer this person some feedback. Return emails and calls. Leo Jul 24 — Aug Horoscope for Thursday 9 March You will be met with quite a few surprises today, especially when dealing with a child or loved one. The excitement might start out as great, but remember that too much of a good thing could wear you out. Bypass a friend who is very sensitive. Virgo Aug 24 — Sep Horoscope for Thursday 9 March You might feel tense when dealing with others, as you understand the fragility of those involved.

However, you will know what to do. Do not obsess about personal matters when you are at work or with others.

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